Day 100: Almost at the finish line [T-minus 4 Hours]

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Less then 4 hours left until midnight which is the deadline of my 100 day challenge. It’s funny, my mind is already mentally celebrating and food thoughts are the only things flowing in it right now. As we speak I’m already on my way to meet up some friends to count down the time until midnight.



So what am I going to do at midnight? Mcdonalds of course (since its probably the only place open), to beast and dish out whatever we can get a hold off. As for the rest of the year, I have to catch up on a few “food treats” (here is a link on my food wish list). So as the image above clearly explains…. Don’t wait up, I’ll be back less then a week, with the official 100 day post.

Until then, Eat Hard, Eat More and Eat until you die!

Ho ho Hoes, Merry Christmas!



Day 99-2: Strength gains or just puny muscles? [Strength Goal Results]


As I posted earlier today I shared my final fat percentage result and how I’ve progressed during that time (if you want to check out the sexy pic results, here’s the link). But the other half of the challenge was basically to get stronger and the easiest way into measuring this was by focusing strictly on heavy compound lifting. So if you’ve missed this post here’s the link where I explain my workout schedule. The main lifts I was focusing on were the following; Dead lift, Squats, Bench Press and Weighted chins. Since I started I’ve done exactly 31 planned workouts which an average of 2.2 workouts per week.
To be able to compare with my final strength gain I tested what I was capable of lifting. I did a so called maximum lift (1 RM) test which is a measurement on to see the maximum weight you’re able to lift (before breaking like a tooth pick). Here are my starting and final results:

  • Dead lift                 / Start:  110 kg         / Final: 148 kg                / Gain: + 38 kg (+34.5 %) 
  • Weighted Chins / Start: B.W*+10 kg  / Final: B.W +37 kg   / Gain: + 27 kg (+30.7 %)
  • Bench Press        /  Start: 58 kg             / Final: 96 kg                 / Gain: + 38 kg (+65.5 %) 
  • Squats                   /  Start: 106 kg          / Final: 130 kg               / Gain: + 24 kg  (+22.6 %)

* B.W stands for Body weight, in my case I set my B.W to 78 kg.

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I know a lot of my readers can’t really relate to what these numbers mean, and it’s hard to describe if you haven’t done the 4 big exercises. According to me though, this is a significant increase. But nonetheless, the increase in strength gains can be a bit misleading since I started out at a relative low max weights (to reduce the risk of injures). If I would do another additional 3 months, the improvement wouldn’t be as significant. So, did I reach my strength goals? Lets find out:

  • Dead lift                 / Final:  148 kg             / Goal: 156 kg               / -8 kg   (Not Completed)
  • Weighted Chins /  Final: B.W*+37 kg   / Goal: B.W +16 kg    / +21 kg (Completed) 
  • Bench Press        /  Final: 96 kg                / Goal: 94 kg                / + 2kg  (Completed)
  • Squats                   /  Final: 130 kg             / Goal: 125 kg              /  + 2kg  (Completed) 

 Three out of four, not bad, not bad at all….

And finally I had my 20 reps chins goal. This goal has been the one that has taken the most of me. My strategy on this was to do about 2-7 reps every time I passed by my kitchen door (where I’ve mounted a chin bar) which in total gave a solid 25-30 reps a day. But even though I managed to do roughly 350 reps in total during this 100 day period I only managed to do 14 consecutive reps (Not Completed). 

14 reps, nothing to cry about. You win some you lose some.

14 reps, nothing to cry about. You win some you lose some.

Tomorrow is my final official post, I’ll run through my thoughts and reflections on how these 100 days that has gone by. Don’t worry after tomorrow you won’t spam you guys anymore on Facebook, but until then, I’m gonna spam the shit out of each and every one of you, no joke.

Stay tuned!

Work Hard, Eat Hard, Play Hard.


Day 99: Did I reach my fat percentage goal? [Final-Weigh in]


So I went to my gym at my place today to see my final fat percentage. I got to admit, I’ve been slacking of on what I’ve been eating at the end. Since a lot of food related events have been present the past 6 weeks its been hard (even for me) to say no to it. It also got my first negative results highlighted in red below.Here is the final statistics on my progression:

Measurement 1 –   23 Sep: 13.64 %
Measurement 2 –  12 Okt: 12.41 %
Measurement 3 –  26 Okt: 11.99 %
Measurement 4 –  11 Nov: 10.81 % (Lowest !)
Measurement 5 –  7 Dec: 11.57 %
Measurement 6-   21 Dec: 11.3 % (Final)

Fat Percentage Goal 8 % (Not Completed)

Here are additional statistic on what the fuck has happened to me so far:

  • I’ve technically only “lost” 1 kg of whatever since I started (Start: 78kg, lowest: 76.7kg, Final 77 kg).
  • My body fat at start: 10.6 kg / My body fat at end: 8.7 kg / Total loss of 1.9 kg Pure FAT.
  • Other weight at start 67.4 kg / Other weight at end 68.3/ Total gain 0.9 kg MUSCLE. 
  • Other weight is considered everything else except fat, meaning that bones, internal organs, water and finally muscles are included in this group. This can be a rough estimate on how much muscle gain that have occurred during this period.

My limbs, waist, ass, chest and legs have too changed a bit since I started, here are the measurements:

  • Biceps: Started with 31/30 cm (left/right) / Ended with 30.7/30.6 / Total “loss” of -0.3/+0.6 cm
  • Legs: Started with 57/56 cm (left/right) / Ended with 57.5 / 57.0 / Total gain of 0.5/0.6 cm
  • Chest: Started with 96 cm / Ended with 100 cm / Total gain of 4 cm
  • Hips: Started 97 cm / Ended with 95.5 cm / Total loss 1.5 cm
  • Waist: Started 85 cm / Ended with 78.5 cm / Total loss of 6.5 cm

The most noticeable difference in measurements according to me is my waist size. I know, its not BIGGEST Loser extravagant changes, but relative to myself I would consider this quite an accomplishments. Regarding areas where I’ve lost weight can be a bit misleading. Since my strength hasn’t gotten worse (it has only gotten better), the only explanation for this is the loss of fat in those areas.

Week 1

First Week

Final Week

Final Week

So the million dollar question, am I happy with the results? Well, yes and no is the easiest way to put it. I’m a bit unhappy that I didn’t reach 8 %. But before hand I already knew that 8 % was a difficult goal, but not impossible. Sure I would have been even happier if I got under the 10 % but in the end, the numbers are irreverent, it’s how you feel and look. And I got to say, I feel great and I’m quite happy with what I’ve achieve so far. It maybe hard to see the results on the images below since I didn’t start out as an overweight cookie eating fuck. But I can assure you, there are quite some interesting results and I guess you just have to see me in person (half naked.. *awkward*). As my gym friend nicely expressed it:

    “You’re back is starting to show now! Remember how you looked like last summer? Your back almost resembled a newborn babies ass… smooooth. I can finally eat with you in public without feeling ashamed.”

I’m guessing this is his way of saying “I’m proud of you”, even though he doesn’t want to admit it.

I’m going to share my thoughts and opinions in my final post tomorrow so stay tuned.

Work hard, eat hard, Burn Fat hard!


Day 97: Who wants a free dinner? [The Challenge]


This post is dedicated to all my so called “challengers”. If we rewind the days back to Day 12 I posted a little challenge for you readers, where you had the possibility to win a free dinner. The challenge was simple, get in better shape than me, get a “romantic” dinner from me, the rules can be found in this link. There is not much to it, you win, I buy you dinner, I win, nothing happens. At the announcement I got plenty of positive feedback and a lot of people really wanted to win that free dinner, even for some, they just wanted to have the satisfaction to beat me.

“But as I mentioned before, what makes you think that you can beat me?”




I LOVE trash talk, shame that you guys gave up so early in the game. I would have made you cry, no joke.

Since the challenge began I had documented about 23 names, which I’m not gonna write to save you guys the embarrassment (chill out, no need to get mad, just joking). 96 days later, three people of those 23 are still following their workout schedule. What happened to the rest of the 20 people that claimed that  “I’m going down” or “challenge accepted”? This is a honest question, people literally got motivated but after 3 weeks or so, my so called challengers went underground, not a word since then.

“I could be wrong, people might still be working their ass of to chock me on Monday, if so, I would be more than happy to buy you dinner. It means that I inspired at least one person out there. If this isn’t the case, it just shows me how lazy my friends are, damn people…!”

If this was a naked half marathon, this would be your view the entire time. See you at the finish line, bitch!

If this was a naked half marathon, this would be your view the entire time. See you at the finish line, bitch!

If you guys missed the last post on my awesome statistic, be sure to check it out in this link. Tomorrow will be my last weigh in. I’ll update the results tomorrow, stay tuned!

Work hard, Eat Hard, Take Selfies HARD!


Day 96: The funny and weird Statistics (How many Oldies Have I killed?)


Back from my short trip feeling well rested and motivated to finish off the last days of the 100 day challenge. People I’ve spoken to recently has heard me nag and complain over the blog. Yes, I’m tired of writing these posts, and don’t get me wrong, it’s quite fun to write them. However I’ve noticed that when it comes to writing, my concentration level is equivalent of a three year old fat kid, high on sugar and life. I’m still surprised on how fast the time has gone during this period and happy that I’ve manage to reach this point. During these 96 days I’ve kept a shitload of statistics (rough estimates) of pretty much everything I’ve done, from how much I’ve eaten, to number of reps, and even the number of beers I’ve consumed during this time. Below is a mix of funny and unusual statistics that I’ve done from a time of 96 days.

“The Legendary Workout” Statistics

  • I’ve done about 357 chins, roughly 4-7 reps of a maximum total of 25-30 reps a day.
  • I’ve “only” done 30 gym session, a workout every third day, which is an average of 2.14 sessions a week.
  • The average age in my gym is roughly 76 years old (I haven’t included the people that I think are dead… dead tired).
Number of pictures which looks like I'm taking a shit: 9 Images.

Number of pictures where it looks like I’m taking a shit: 9 Images.

“The Anti Gordon Ramsey Food” Statistics

  • I’ve eaten 19.2 kg of protein (200g of protein a day) which is equivalent to 96 kg chicken or if you’re vegan 384 kg beans.
  • I’ve eaten 0 pizzas, 0 kebabs, and 0 hamburgers. I was allowed to eat this but I chose not to.
  • I’ve eaten 43 peanut butter n’ jelly sandwiches as my off-days desserts when I have cravings for something fatty and sweet.
  • I’ve eaten 23 Snickers, my post workout dessert.

“The Famous Blog” Statistics

  • I have an average of 75 unique visitors per post. When comparing this to Kenza, one of Sweden’s biggest fashion blogger, she has 148498 unique visitors each day. I feel useless when I see this.
  • It takes me an average of 1.45 hours to write my (longer) posts, 15 minutes to make the quote image, 30 minutes to fix up the images, 60 minutes to write the post.
  • 38 Posts has taken me roughly 30 hours to make, that’s about 20 movies or 1 movie of The Lord of the Rings “Extended Never Before Seen Directors Limited Fan” Edition.
Number of words I've written in the blog: 23478 words. 873 are the word "retarded", the rest is the word "challenge", No joke.

Number of words I’ve written in the blog: 23478 words. 873 are the word “retarded”, the rest is the word “challenge”, No joke. And yes, I’m

“The Grade A Student” Statistics

  • Despite the workload I’ve manage to balance work and gym time quite well, In fact I’ve even worked an additional 27 extra hours of overtime.
  • 30 planned gym sessions and I’ve missed 0 workouts.
  • 30 planned gym sessions and I’ve completed 29 of them (The only time I didn’t finish was when I injured my hip).
  • 288 meals and I’ve eaten ALL my veggies (mom would be proud).

“The I don’t know where to put this”  Statistics

  • I’ve gotten drunk during 4 different occasions. I almost broke my thumb, almost injured my shoulder (again), ate spicy noodles that ended up on my friends carpet and I danced with a giant girl (she was bigger than Godzilla). This happened all in one night.
  • I’ve successfully eaten 3 different buffés in three days, banning me from one of the restaurants. OK, I wasn’t banned, but he gave me the eye of “No Food For you Next Time”.
  • I’ve eaten lunch 14 times together with my work colleges, since my first allowed meal is after 1 P.M I usually have to eat alone (Forever alone..)
  • I have had 0 sick days!
  • I’ve scared every old person in the gym, BUT I have accidentally killed 0 oldies… so far.
Number of Sexy pictures taken: 0. This was the closest I could find.

Number of Sexy pictures taken: 0 images. This was the closest I could find.

Counting down the days. Be sure to check in tomorrow as well, I’ll be posting something each day now until the finish line.

Until tomorrow, Work Hard, Eat Hard, Keep Your Statistic HARD.


Day 91: Short Break


It’s been hectic at work, private life and mainly this challenge so I’m taken a bit of a break this weekend. I’m currently in Barcelona kicking it back with a few cervezas (beer in Spanish). Will be back next week, my last week of the 100 days challenge. Here are a few pictures so far, and for those wondering, yes its cold as fuck here to but the food is amazing.





See you next week!

Work hard, eat hard, go to Barcelona Hard?


Day 90: This Guy is a BEAST!


I’ve got a new idea on the direction to where I want to go with my workout and my future goals. Late night browsing in YouTube finally paid of when I found this video, its a fitness montage on Frank Medrano. I’ll keep it short today and let you watch this amazing clip on CALISTHENICS BODYWEIGHT training.

When you can do a one armed chin up, you know you’re badass!

Work Hard, Eat Hard, Sleep Hard?