Day 97: Who wants a free dinner? [The Challenge]


This post is dedicated to all my so called “challengers”. If we rewind the days back to Day 12 I posted a little challenge for you readers, where you had the possibility to win a free dinner. The challenge was simple, get in better shape than me, get a “romantic” dinner from me, the rules can be found in this link. There is not much to it, you win, I buy you dinner, I win, nothing happens. At the announcement I got plenty of positive feedback and a lot of people really wanted to win that free dinner, even for some, they just wanted to have the satisfaction to beat me.

“But as I mentioned before, what makes you think that you can beat me?”




I LOVE trash talk, shame that you guys gave up so early in the game. I would have made you cry, no joke.

Since the challenge began I had documented about 23 names, which I’m not gonna write to save you guys the embarrassment (chill out, no need to get mad, just joking). 96 days later, three people of those 23 are still following their workout schedule. What happened to the rest of the 20 people that claimed that  “I’m going down” or “challenge accepted”? This is a honest question, people literally got motivated but after 3 weeks or so, my so called challengers went underground, not a word since then.

“I could be wrong, people might still be working their ass of to chock me on Monday, if so, I would be more than happy to buy you dinner. It means that I inspired at least one person out there. If this isn’t the case, it just shows me how lazy my friends are, damn people…!”

If this was a naked half marathon, this would be your view the entire time. See you at the finish line, bitch!

If this was a naked half marathon, this would be your view the entire time. See you at the finish line, bitch!

If you guys missed the last post on my awesome statistic, be sure to check it out in this link. Tomorrow will be my last weigh in. I’ll update the results tomorrow, stay tuned!

Work hard, Eat Hard, Take Selfies HARD!



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