Day 97: Who wants a free dinner? [The Challenge]


This post is dedicated to all my so called “challengers”. If we rewind the days back to Day 12 I posted a little challenge for you readers, where you had the possibility to win a free dinner. The challenge was simple, get in better shape than me, get a “romantic” dinner from me, the rules can be found in this link. There is not much to it, you win, I buy you dinner, I win, nothing happens. At the announcement I got plenty of positive feedback and a lot of people really wanted to win that free dinner, even for some, they just wanted to have the satisfaction to beat me.

“But as I mentioned before, what makes you think that you can beat me?”




I LOVE trash talk, shame that you guys gave up so early in the game. I would have made you cry, no joke.

Since the challenge began I had documented about 23 names, which I’m not gonna write to save you guys the embarrassment (chill out, no need to get mad, just joking). 96 days later, three people of those 23 are still following their workout schedule. What happened to the rest of the 20 people that claimed that  “I’m going down” or “challenge accepted”? This is a honest question, people literally got motivated but after 3 weeks or so, my so called challengers went underground, not a word since then.

“I could be wrong, people might still be working their ass of to chock me on Monday, if so, I would be more than happy to buy you dinner. It means that I inspired at least one person out there. If this isn’t the case, it just shows me how lazy my friends are, damn people…!”

If this was a naked half marathon, this would be your view the entire time. See you at the finish line, bitch!

If this was a naked half marathon, this would be your view the entire time. See you at the finish line, bitch!

If you guys missed the last post on my awesome statistic, be sure to check it out in this link. Tomorrow will be my last weigh in. I’ll update the results tomorrow, stay tuned!

Work hard, Eat Hard, Take Selfies HARD!



Day 96: The funny and weird Statistics (How many Oldies Have I killed?)


Back from my short trip feeling well rested and motivated to finish off the last days of the 100 day challenge. People I’ve spoken to recently has heard me nag and complain over the blog. Yes, I’m tired of writing these posts, and don’t get me wrong, it’s quite fun to write them. However I’ve noticed that when it comes to writing, my concentration level is equivalent of a three year old fat kid, high on sugar and life. I’m still surprised on how fast the time has gone during this period and happy that I’ve manage to reach this point. During these 96 days I’ve kept a shitload of statistics (rough estimates) of pretty much everything I’ve done, from how much I’ve eaten, to number of reps, and even the number of beers I’ve consumed during this time. Below is a mix of funny and unusual statistics that I’ve done from a time of 96 days.

“The Legendary Workout” Statistics

  • I’ve done about 357 chins, roughly 4-7 reps of a maximum total of 25-30 reps a day.
  • I’ve “only” done 30 gym session, a workout every third day, which is an average of 2.14 sessions a week.
  • The average age in my gym is roughly 76 years old (I haven’t included the people that I think are dead… dead tired).
Number of pictures which looks like I'm taking a shit: 9 Images.

Number of pictures where it looks like I’m taking a shit: 9 Images.

“The Anti Gordon Ramsey Food” Statistics

  • I’ve eaten 19.2 kg of protein (200g of protein a day) which is equivalent to 96 kg chicken or if you’re vegan 384 kg beans.
  • I’ve eaten 0 pizzas, 0 kebabs, and 0 hamburgers. I was allowed to eat this but I chose not to.
  • I’ve eaten 43 peanut butter n’ jelly sandwiches as my off-days desserts when I have cravings for something fatty and sweet.
  • I’ve eaten 23 Snickers, my post workout dessert.

“The Famous Blog” Statistics

  • I have an average of 75 unique visitors per post. When comparing this to Kenza, one of Sweden’s biggest fashion blogger, she has 148498 unique visitors each day. I feel useless when I see this.
  • It takes me an average of 1.45 hours to write my (longer) posts, 15 minutes to make the quote image, 30 minutes to fix up the images, 60 minutes to write the post.
  • 38 Posts has taken me roughly 30 hours to make, that’s about 20 movies or 1 movie of The Lord of the Rings “Extended Never Before Seen Directors Limited Fan” Edition.
Number of words I've written in the blog: 23478 words. 873 are the word "retarded", the rest is the word "challenge", No joke.

Number of words I’ve written in the blog: 23478 words. 873 are the word “retarded”, the rest is the word “challenge”, No joke. And yes, I’m

“The Grade A Student” Statistics

  • Despite the workload I’ve manage to balance work and gym time quite well, In fact I’ve even worked an additional 27 extra hours of overtime.
  • 30 planned gym sessions and I’ve missed 0 workouts.
  • 30 planned gym sessions and I’ve completed 29 of them (The only time I didn’t finish was when I injured my hip).
  • 288 meals and I’ve eaten ALL my veggies (mom would be proud).

“The I don’t know where to put this”  Statistics

  • I’ve gotten drunk during 4 different occasions. I almost broke my thumb, almost injured my shoulder (again), ate spicy noodles that ended up on my friends carpet and I danced with a giant girl (she was bigger than Godzilla). This happened all in one night.
  • I’ve successfully eaten 3 different buffés in three days, banning me from one of the restaurants. OK, I wasn’t banned, but he gave me the eye of “No Food For you Next Time”.
  • I’ve eaten lunch 14 times together with my work colleges, since my first allowed meal is after 1 P.M I usually have to eat alone (Forever alone..)
  • I have had 0 sick days!
  • I’ve scared every old person in the gym, BUT I have accidentally killed 0 oldies… so far.
Number of Sexy pictures taken: 0. This was the closest I could find.

Number of Sexy pictures taken: 0 images. This was the closest I could find.

Counting down the days. Be sure to check in tomorrow as well, I’ll be posting something each day now until the finish line.

Until tomorrow, Work Hard, Eat Hard, Keep Your Statistic HARD.


Day 56: Punishment or Reward?

So for this challenge I wanted to try something different. Punishment is the new way of “rewarding” myself.  I truly believe that when you’re fighting for something that you risk losing rather than gaining, you tend put a bit more effort into what you want to achieve. It depends of course on your personality, I’m not saying this works for everybody, but I think this can work for me.
There is a reason why I have this blog, and that is to deliberately expose myself to you readers. I’m no different from other people, like most people I can admit that I have my insecurities, failing this challenge knowing that you’re reading my blog, makes me a bit nauseous.

“Failing in public is the ultimate humiliation punishment for me.”

That face you do when you realize that you forgot  your headphones...

That face you do when you realize that you forgot your headphones…

 I gotta admit, having this a humiliation around the corner has helped me a lot during the first half of this challenge. But to be honest, it has started to wear off on me…. Knowing how I get (content and sloppy) when I know that things are going my way, I’ve prepared an additional punishment, here is the official mail that I wrote to a “friend” of mine:

Hello Ex,

Here is my special offer that offers you the chance to win some money:

The Challenge:

I’ve challenged myself in a 100 day event to get in the best physical shape possible. I’ve already passed the halfway mark and this “bet” is for me to keep me focused and push myself to the very end. YOU don’t need to do anything.

The Deadline:
The challenge will end December 23 (44 days from now)
The rules:
 – No candy during this period
 – No skipping of workout session.
 – No cheating or breaking the 16 hour fasting period.
 – Stretching of lower body is mandatory for at least 10 min, after each workout session.
The “Loopholes”
– Snickers is not considered candy in this agreement.
– These rules are not valid in international waters and other countries.
– IF sick, injured, or forced to work, this rule is NOT valid.
– If needed to break the 16 hour fast, permission needs to be asked first.
The Bet:
If I lose, I pay you 1000 kr and. If you lose, you pay me 4 movie tickets. In addition to if I lose, I will share a very specific secret/statement/gossip, In other words, something that I KNOW you want to know from me.
The Judge:
Since you can’t monitor me 24/7 you won’t be able to know if I’m cheating or not. Trust is the key for this to work. I have no reason to lie since it will only damage my own performance.
So why my Ex-girlfriend? Well, you know how you have friends or acquaintance that you hate losing to? She’s beyond that limit, and thinking of losing to her makes me irritated that I rather go to the gym or skip unhealthy shit rather than to lose to her. I rather stick my eye with a chopstick than to declare defeat to her. It’s not about the money, its the fact that every time I lose to this girl I feel like I’m losing a bit of my dignity. Don’t worry I’m over her, so I’m not playing that grumpy ex-boyfriend card.
I ain't losing to my Ex, bring it...!

I ain’t losing to my Ex, bring it…!

Trust me, you’ll have those lazy rainy Saturdays where you rather be in bed than to go to the gym. And when you do, it works to know that your ex/friend/colleague is at home, waiting for you to fail, and what’s not a better feeling than to prove a hater wrong? Haterz Gonna Hate. Game on Haterz.
Work Hard, Eat Hard… Sleep Hard?

Day 50: The halfway mark.. Am I the same guy? [Retrospect]


This day represent the halfway mark of my 100 day challenge. When I got the idea, my first biggest obstacle I had to overcome was my love for the food. Like I mentioned in the previous post (check it out HERE), during this period I’ve eaten my fare share of candy, muffins, ice cream and pretty much everything people would consider “unhealthy”. Did I feel bad that I “broke” my diet? No, the eating unhealthy part (in a controlled manner)  IS part of the diet, (MIND BLOWN). Thinking back on my previous attempts on eating healthier, this is by far the longest period I’ve succeeded in sticking to my diet plan. And let me tell you, it feels pretty damn good.

“When you achieved a goal and worked hard to reach it, there’s no other awesome feeling like it.”

When I have people over, I don't serve chips anymore, I give them chicken, raw, cold ass chicken, with DAT FACE.

When I have people over, I don’t serve chips anymore, I give them chicken, raw, cold ass chicken, with DAT FACE. Chicken with the side order of protein shake?

It’s crazy how fast this challenge is going, and how much I’ve improved on my lifestyle in just 50 days. For you readers that are new to the blog, the reason why I started this idea was to regain my control on my body and eating habits. What I wanted to achieve with this was 1) To feel sexy again; 2) Show my future kids how awesome their dad looked back in the days; 3) Show to people that getting in shape isn’t that hard. I made up a plan where I went through these following topics, I’ve linked the posts on each part:

  1. The Goals, [LINK] what do I want to achieve?
  2. The Workout, [LINK] Reverse Pyramid training on a 9 day-cycle.
  3. The Challenge, [LINK] Setting up a public challenge, me against the readers, If I lose I buy them EACH a dinner.
  4. The Diet, [LINK] 30% workout 70% diet is what’s needed for me to get in shape.
  5. The Weekly Weigh-in, [LINK] My documentation on my progress, fat control, weekly pics and measurements.
  6. The Rehab, [LINK] I fell off my longboard a few months back on my shoulder, in the progress of fixing it.

    At 12 reps now on my chins, will go for 20 reps by the end of the challenge, LETS GO!

    At 12 reps now on my chins, will go for 20 reps by the end of the challenge, LETS GO!

I know that it’s just gone 50 days but there are already noticeable changes. These are the things that has changed since I started with the challenge (for better or worse):

Positive changes:

  • I can already state that I’m in better shape then when I started, (Captain Obvious).
  • My tummy doesn’t do those weird morning grunts sounds anymore.
  • If I pass by a mirror, I turn to it and say, “who’s that sexy man in the mirror? Oh, its just me” *Giggle attack*
  • Confidence is growing not only in appearance, but also at work and the way I approach new people.
  • I cook more of my food nowadays.
  • I make better use of my time compared to how I was before.
  • Rehab is part of my everyday routine, it’s a new acquired habit.
  • English grammar skills has improved…. slightly…

The “less” positive changes:

  • I need to constantly go up and pee during the night… Like an old fuck.
  • If I pass by a mirror, I turn to it and say, “who’s that sexy man in the mirror? Oh, its just me” *Giggle attack*
  • I tend to go more often shirtless around the apartment, my room mate hates me now (Sorry äggmannen and Narvin-Hoe).
  • Taking a selfies has never felt this good…ever
  • Still can’t figure out the difference between “than” and “then” when I’m writing in the blog.
  • Writing these posts and cooking my own meals take a big chunk of my time.
  • I’m starting to believe that I look like the Green Hulk but in fact I’m still the same Yellow Asian Man.
  • I still want to eat a pizza, however the craving isn’t as strong as before.
  • I’m currently the “he needs to eat a sallad with high protein or he won’t join us” – friend.
Lets go for another 50 days, are you guys with me? Like and comment and give some support!

Lets go for another 50 days, are you guys with me? Like and comment and give some support!

I still have one more thing on my game plan that I need to do. Since I know how I get when things are going my way (lazy and content), this last topic is needed. Check out my next post, this one is gonna be fun.

Work hard, eat hard, sleep…hard?


Day 12: Do you really want to challenge ME?


The challenge I set up for me was to get in shape and I have 100 days to reach that goal. When I posted  my first entry, I wrote Let the 100 day challenge begin… Challenge me, if you dare…”. This was meant as an encouragement for other people to do the same. It seemed that some understood the meaning of what I wrote and some didn’t. I don’t know why this was so unclear, if you visit the blog, the description reads:

It’s simple. If it jiggles it’s fat. 100 day challenge to get in shape. Join me.

Well I know what you guys are thinking, round is also a shape (Need to get this clear, trust me there is always that person trying to be a wise ass), but that isn’t what I am aiming for. Get in shape can mean several things, better cardio, get out of the couch, lose weight, or in my case gain strength and lose fat. This is what I meant by “the challenge”, go get in shape, make up a game plan and set up your OWN goals. I wrote a list of people that would join me on this challenge and I don’t expect people to follow my training or diet program, do what you guys feel is best you (don’t worry  Jennifer L, no one is forcing you to do anything 🙂 ).

A person told me this once, I wasn't sure if she was serious or not.

A person told me this once, I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not.

Still, I like the idea that some readers wants to challenge ME. So, let’s make it simple then, if you get in better shape than me, I’ll buy you a romantic dinner (we can discuss where it will take place later).

These are the conditions though:

  • Take a before picture and save it so you can compare with your after shot (after the challenge).
  • Set up a goal and design a plan to reach that goal.
  • Document your progression, (reps, weight, time everything you feel is important).

To avoid more questions I answered a few of them in advance:

Q1) What is the challenge?
A1) Fuck you, I just explained it.

Q2) Who’s the judge?
A2) I am, trust me I will be honest, I will happily pay the dinner if I’ve seen how much change that person has gone through.

Q3) If I’m already in shape, what to do?
A3) Get in better shape, I’ll judge through the list above. It might be harder, but possible.

Q4) I live outside of Sweden/Stockholm, will my dinner still count?
A4) Yes, will eventually meet in the future, and we’ll take it then, the dinner expires 2035, so hurry up.

Q5) How are we gonna compare for instance, running vs going to the gym?
A5) We can enter the competition below (check the youtube clip) and see who wins.

So to summarize, If you lose don’t worry I won’t expect a dinner back, the agreement is, I will buy you dinner if YOU get in better shape than me .

But answer me this, what makes you think that you can achieve that? I won’t lose, will you?

Do you want me to pay for dinner? Well, make that ass work work and I just might do it.

Do you want me to pay for dinner? Well, make that ass work work and I just might do it.

Next post will be about my “before picture”, I’ll post it on Tuesday.

Have a nice weekend.