Day 91: Short Break


It’s been hectic at work, private life and mainly this challenge so I’m taken a bit of a break this weekend. I’m currently in Barcelona kicking it back with a few cervezas (beer in Spanish). Will be back next week, my last week of the 100 days challenge. Here are a few pictures so far, and for those wondering, yes its cold as fuck here to but the food is amazing.





See you next week!

Work hard, eat hard, go to Barcelona Hard?



Day 90: This Guy is a BEAST!


I’ve got a new idea on the direction to where I want to go with my workout and my future goals. Late night browsing in YouTube finally paid of when I found this video, its a fitness montage on Frank Medrano. I’ll keep it short today and let you watch this amazing clip on CALISTHENICS BODYWEIGHT training.

When you can do a one armed chin up, you know you’re badass!

Work Hard, Eat Hard, Sleep Hard?

Day 89: That guy in the gym staring at you….

Force_of_gravity_QUOTEEver been in the gym and there is that guy staring at you with the most piercing look you’ve ever seen? I’m not just talking to the female audience here, but also the guys, got to be honest, it happened to me. I was resting from my sets and this guy was looking at me like he wanted to rape me (no joke). I got kinda uncomfortable, that had to cover myself with my sweater, but this guy was still looking at me. I decided that I would move but after then I realized what the guy did. He was looking at the mirror behind me watching himself lifting that shit. Alright, I get it if you want to check your form and technique but this guy, he really looked like he wanted to fuck himself.

The guy kept giving me the "Ronnie Coleman Creep" - smile. If you see this smile and there's no mirror behind you.... then run, run like the wind. Its time for his protein craze and you're the only person in line...!

The guy kept giving me the “Ronnie Coleman Creep” – smile. If you see this smile and there’s no mirror behind you…. then run, run like the wind. Its time for his protein craze and you’re the only person close by!

I admit, I’ve stopped in front of the mirror a few times more since I started to see my results. I can’t really tell if it’s to admire the progression or if I’m getting more egocentric. Either way, I’m aware of this bad habit and it got to stop to avoid me becoming that creepy ass guy in the gym looking like you he wants to devour you. I found this awesome clip from Kevin Hart where he talks about gym guys that’s big for no apparent reason, so fucking true, here’s the clip:

Counting down the days…. Not much left! LETS GO.

Work Hard, Eat Hard, Don’t Stare at the Miror as Hard!


Day 74: Lack of motivation, give me a cheeseburger..

Generic_2One of the characteristic I admire the most in people is, the motivation to push through even when you don’t have the urge to do it. I’m at a crossroad where I lack consistency and motivation, and to be honest, I’m quite worried that I’m might not make it to the finish line… Don’t get me wrong, I’m still on my diet, nor have I missed any of workouts. The biggest challenges I have right now is actually to update the blog, I feel that the creativity and quality on my entries has gotten slightly sloppier. I apologize for this and I’m trying to restructure a few things in the blog that keeps first of all MY own interest up. Here are few ideas that I have up my sleeves at the moment:

  1. Shorter posts with more images (More of a tumblr like blog)
  2. Videlog (Me in front of the camera talking about real shit, I rather not do this, since I hate to hear my own voice)
  3. Vine/Instagram – Short 15-30 second video posts (This might actually be fun, “cooking shows”, “how to stretch”, “fail-blogs” )
How about just leave everything and run towards the light? Tempting....

How about just leave everything and run towards the light? Tempting….

If you guys have other suggestions just write in the comments below or send me a private message.

Work hard, Eat Hard, Don’t give..Hard

Day 74: The origin behind the blog name

Force_of_gravity_QUOTEI can sit for hours and scroll through tones of memes on the web. Its literally one of the most useless and time wasting things you can do when you’re on your phone or computer. So whats the purpose? Easy, shits and giggles, it may be useless but its funny as hell. For my more matured readers (read OLD), a meme can be considered a mimicked theme, including simple phrases or gestures. The origin behind the title of my blog came from one of my friends. I posted an image of me surfing in Portugal, looking all bad ass. I didn’t looked ripped or lean but that wasn’t really my intention, I just wanted to show that I was surfing. So my friend wrote: “Bro, do you even lift?”.

Looking badass with my surfboard in Portugal!

Looking badass with my surfboard in Portugal!


At the time I didn’t really quite understand what he meant by it, I knew that it came from an internet meme. So I did a bit of research and found a definition for what this actually meant:

“Do You Even Lift?” is a condescending expression used on body building and fitness forums to question the legitimacy of someone’s fitness expertise or weight lifting routine.  The phrase is mainly used to aggravate another user during arguments about physical fitness.

There are a ton of funny pictures/memes out there, here are a few of my favorites:





So, thinking back on it, my friend called me fat…. And it took me 6 months o figure that out…. Fuck you, man, I hope choke on a powerbar and die.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Eat Hard, Work Hard, Lift Hard.



Day 68: Fake it until you BECOME it [Ted Talk Clip]



As you may already know, I consider myself a very motivated and confident person. I too have my days where I feel like crap, and my personal ways to quickly gaining confidence during those days, is to “alter” my looks. This can be as easy as, getting a haircut or buying some swagger clothing (suit up á la Barney Stinson. But if you’re losing your hair or just have no money, then I got a clip for you. I wanted to share this amazing TED-talk by Amy Cuddy, where she literally gives you a 20 minute “life hack” tutorial on gaining confidence. Here’s a short description on the clip (snatched from Youtube):

“Body language affects how others see us, but it may also change how we see ourselves. Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.”


If you have 20 minutes and I’m guessing that you have (since you found my blog link through Facebook) then I really recommend you checking this clip out. Trust me, you’ll win more life points watching this than a bunch of cute cats on the Internet. And to answer the question you’re thinking right now: YES, I too sometime stand like I’m mother fucking Superman when I’m at work. Does it work? Try it yourselves!

Superman or SuperChris? Powerposing before it was cool.

Superman: Powerposing before it was cool. 

Work Hard, Eat Hard… Stay Hard….WHAT?



Day 63: Its all about the abs… Or is it?

3Since I live outside of Stockholm, I don’t have the possibility to meet my parents on a regular basis. Right around day 30 on my challenge I met my mom, we haven’t seen each other since I started my Leangains diet. Her first reaction was; “Wow you’ve lost a lot of weight!  This was true since at that time I dropped about 3 kg. However, my mom kept staring at me and eventually she told me honestly: “Have you really lost weight, or is it your hair” (read giant head)?

My mom usually has a good eye on how slim/fat/bony my face looks, but this time she was mislead by my long hair. And when I say long, I don’t mean like Rapunzel’s long hair. I have a friend that calls my hair the “Birds Nest”, since, according to him it looks like one, and birds fly into my hair and settles there until their eggs hatch.

Just another bad hair day? No man, this is a good day, you should see it on a fucking bad day.

Just another bad hair day? No man, this is a good day, you should see it on a fucking bad day, old people get lost in my hair and die.

I’ve noticed that if you only look at my head (separate from my body), its actually pretty huge. To to make it even worse, just put about 5 kg of pure Filipino hair and you got yourself the next villain in The Avengers movie, Dr Gigantor Head. But together with my body, its actually proportional.  

So why am I writing about my freakishly big head? Well, I got a comment from one of my friends, and he wrote: “In the end, isn’t all about the abs?“. For some people this might be all they want, but for me, I believe that having right body proportions is the right way to go. This is were my head story enters the picture, I believe that it’s proportional to my body, it has a nice fit to it. Now, your head is rarely something you can affect in terms of altering your overall look. There are other parts of your body that can shape to get that perfect body of yours. There are different shapes men or women in the gym can have, skinny, skinny-fat, bulky, lean, chubby and my personal favorite “did you forget something?”-people. From here, it’s easier to just show you what I mean….

The don't skip leg day people..

The” don’t skip LEG day” people..

The "don't skip chest day" people

The “don’t skip CHEST day” – people..

The "Don't sky GYM day" people

The “Don’t skip GYM day” people (Danny are you aming for this body? HAHA)

And my personal favorite:

The "you are beyond BIG that your head looks like a tiny thumb"-people

The “you are beyond BIG that your head looks like a tiny thumb”- people

So back to the original question, is it really just about the abs? Think about it…..!

Work Hard, Eat Hard… Sleep Hard?