Day 100: Almost at the finish line [T-minus 4 Hours]

gone offline

Less then 4 hours left until midnight which is the deadline of my 100 day challenge. It’s funny, my mind is already mentally celebrating and food thoughts are the only things flowing in it right now. As we speak I’m already on my way to meet up some friends to count down the time until midnight.



So what am I going to do at midnight? Mcdonalds of course (since its probably the only place open), to beast and dish out whatever we can get a hold off. As for the rest of the year, I have to catch up on a few “food treats” (here is a link on my food wish list).¬†So as the image above clearly explains…. Don’t wait up, I’ll be back less then a week, with the official 100 day post.

Until then, Eat Hard, Eat More and Eat until you die!

Ho ho Hoes, Merry Christmas!