Day 99-2: Strength gains or just puny muscles? [Strength Goal Results]


As I posted earlier today I shared my final fat percentage result and how I’ve progressed during that time (if you want to check out the sexy pic results, here’s the link). But the other half of the challenge was basically to get stronger and the easiest way into measuring this was by focusing strictly on heavy compound lifting. So if you’ve missed this post here’s the link where I explain my workout schedule. The main lifts I was focusing on were the following; Dead lift, Squats, Bench Press and Weighted chins. Since I started I’ve done exactly 31 planned workouts which an average of 2.2 workouts per week.
To be able to compare with my final strength gain I tested what I was capable of lifting. I did a so called maximum lift (1 RM) test which is a measurement on to see the maximum weight you’re able to lift (before breaking like a tooth pick). Here are my starting and final results:

  • Dead lift                 / Start:  110 kg         / Final: 148 kg                / Gain: + 38 kg (+34.5 %) 
  • Weighted Chins / Start: B.W*+10 kg  / Final: B.W +37 kg   / Gain: + 27 kg (+30.7 %)
  • Bench Press        /  Start: 58 kg             / Final: 96 kg                 / Gain: + 38 kg (+65.5 %) 
  • Squats                   /  Start: 106 kg          / Final: 130 kg               / Gain: + 24 kg  (+22.6 %)

* B.W stands for Body weight, in my case I set my B.W to 78 kg.

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I know a lot of my readers can’t really relate to what these numbers mean, and it’s hard to describe if you haven’t done the 4 big exercises. According to me though, this is a significant increase. But nonetheless, the increase in strength gains can be a bit misleading since I started out at a relative low max weights (to reduce the risk of injures). If I would do another additional 3 months, the improvement wouldn’t be as significant. So, did I reach my strength goals? Lets find out:

  • Dead lift                 / Final:  148 kg             / Goal: 156 kg               / -8 kg   (Not Completed)
  • Weighted Chins /  Final: B.W*+37 kg   / Goal: B.W +16 kg    / +21 kg (Completed) 
  • Bench Press        /  Final: 96 kg                / Goal: 94 kg                / + 2kg  (Completed)
  • Squats                   /  Final: 130 kg             / Goal: 125 kg              /  + 2kg  (Completed) 

 Three out of four, not bad, not bad at all….

And finally I had my 20 reps chins goal. This goal has been the one that has taken the most of me. My strategy on this was to do about 2-7 reps every time I passed by my kitchen door (where I’ve mounted a chin bar) which in total gave a solid 25-30 reps a day. But even though I managed to do roughly 350 reps in total during this 100 day period I only managed to do 14 consecutive reps (Not Completed). 

14 reps, nothing to cry about. You win some you lose some.

14 reps, nothing to cry about. You win some you lose some.

Tomorrow is my final official post, I’ll run through my thoughts and reflections on how these 100 days that has gone by. Don’t worry after tomorrow you won’t spam you guys anymore on Facebook, but until then, I’m gonna spam the shit out of each and every one of you, no joke.

Stay tuned!

Work Hard, Eat Hard, Play Hard.



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