Day 56: Punishment or Reward?

So for this challenge I wanted to try something different. Punishment is the new way of “rewarding” myself.  I truly believe that when you’re fighting for something that you risk losing rather than gaining, you tend put a bit more effort into what you want to achieve. It depends of course on your personality, I’m not saying this works for everybody, but I think this can work for me.
There is a reason why I have this blog, and that is to deliberately expose myself to you readers. I’m no different from other people, like most people I can admit that I have my insecurities, failing this challenge knowing that you’re reading my blog, makes me a bit nauseous.

“Failing in public is the ultimate humiliation punishment for me.”

That face you do when you realize that you forgot  your headphones...

That face you do when you realize that you forgot your headphones…

 I gotta admit, having this a humiliation around the corner has helped me a lot during the first half of this challenge. But to be honest, it has started to wear off on me…. Knowing how I get (content and sloppy) when I know that things are going my way, I’ve prepared an additional punishment, here is the official mail that I wrote to a “friend” of mine:

Hello Ex,

Here is my special offer that offers you the chance to win some money:

The Challenge:

I’ve challenged myself in a 100 day event to get in the best physical shape possible. I’ve already passed the halfway mark and this “bet” is for me to keep me focused and push myself to the very end. YOU don’t need to do anything.

The Deadline:
The challenge will end December 23 (44 days from now)
The rules:
 – No candy during this period
 – No skipping of workout session.
 – No cheating or breaking the 16 hour fasting period.
 – Stretching of lower body is mandatory for at least 10 min, after each workout session.
The “Loopholes”
– Snickers is not considered candy in this agreement.
– These rules are not valid in international waters and other countries.
– IF sick, injured, or forced to work, this rule is NOT valid.
– If needed to break the 16 hour fast, permission needs to be asked first.
The Bet:
If I lose, I pay you 1000 kr and. If you lose, you pay me 4 movie tickets. In addition to if I lose, I will share a very specific secret/statement/gossip, In other words, something that I KNOW you want to know from me.
The Judge:
Since you can’t monitor me 24/7 you won’t be able to know if I’m cheating or not. Trust is the key for this to work. I have no reason to lie since it will only damage my own performance.
So why my Ex-girlfriend? Well, you know how you have friends or acquaintance that you hate losing to? She’s beyond that limit, and thinking of losing to her makes me irritated that I rather go to the gym or skip unhealthy shit rather than to lose to her. I rather stick my eye with a chopstick than to declare defeat to her. It’s not about the money, its the fact that every time I lose to this girl I feel like I’m losing a bit of my dignity. Don’t worry I’m over her, so I’m not playing that grumpy ex-boyfriend card.
I ain't losing to my Ex, bring it...!

I ain’t losing to my Ex, bring it…!

Trust me, you’ll have those lazy rainy Saturdays where you rather be in bed than to go to the gym. And when you do, it works to know that your ex/friend/colleague is at home, waiting for you to fail, and what’s not a better feeling than to prove a hater wrong? Haterz Gonna Hate. Game on Haterz.
Work Hard, Eat Hard… Sleep Hard?

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