Day 48) My inner fatman….


My previous attempts of eating healthy failed me because of one important aspect, no food for the soul. If you can’t enjoy what your eating then what’s the point? Yes, I might be able to eat clean food without any spices and fats keeping it with minimum eating sanctification, but what’s the fucking point if you can’t enjoy eating the “good stuff” every now and then?

“I’ve realized that I’m not planning to end my diet after a 100 days, I’m trying to change my eating habits, that’s the only way to stay in shape and enjoy the good stuff.”

International house of Pancakes (Ihop) in Washington D.C. I'm giving my friend the "Take the damn photo so I can eat" - look.

International house of Pancakes (Ihop) in Washington D.C. I’m giving my friend the “Take the damn photo so I can eat” – look.

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a strong relationship to food. Food makes me happy, when I’m hungry, and I know the food is coming, I start to dance on the spot, my “happy food dance”. I was out with my sister and we ate in a tapas restaurant and when the food arrived we both started to dance on the spot, true story. Food in our family brings us together, it brings us joy and happiness. My best memories growing up together with my siblings there has always been food present. 

“To all my fangirls, If you want to conquer my heart, be sure to know your ways in the kitchen. If you can cook, I’ll marry you on the spot. Food= Love, end of story.”

I’ve been on the Leangains diet now for about 6 weeks and it’s been going great. I’m treating myself every now and then, and the best part is, I don’t feel that I’m ruining my diet and workouts, its part of the plan. Getting in shape hasn’t been this easy in while, and i’m fucking loving it!

I would totally pull of a fat guy. I have the appetite for it and I'm pretty sure I have a fat dance aswell.

I’m a fat man trapped in a fit guys body, I would probably be one of those happy fattso’s Look at that fat smile!

Work hard, Eat hard, Sleep…hard?



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