Day 36: I’m broken in half [The rehab Part I]


Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds. Let me tell you a story that took place back in 2012 when the first incident occurred. I got to know a few new buddies (shoutouts to AtmosQueer and Johnny White) that shared a common interest of mine, Longboarding. They invited me to ride with them one day, which got me super pumped. However, the excitement didn’t last long when I realized that these guys weren’t looking for car-free streets or just looking “swag” with their boards, NAH BRAH. They were thrill seekers, THE REAL DEAL, and I just felt like a hipster wanting to look cool with my board.

They finally found the most retarded hill I’ve seen in Stockholm, which made me shit my pants a bit. So I had a choice, either, bitch out or ride with fear. And til’ this day I don’t really know if I chose the right decision, so I tried my luck and started half way on the hill. Went well, so I progressively climbed up the hill, until I was at the very top. After my fifth attempt I went all in, went down the hill, but half way through I started to hesitate and feel a bit of fear.

“When going down a ridiculous hill with NO protection gear, AND hesitation and fear in your mind, you know your’re FUCKED beyond recognition. You can pray to your God, but nor God, Buddah, Allah, Jebus or fucking Superman can help you now. Just relax and let life punch you in the face.”

What happened after is simple, check the clip above. It may not me but the events are strikingly similar. I was going about 40 (km/h), jumped of my board, did THE face you do when you know you’re about to hurt yourself, and finished of with a failed front flip on my left shoulder. It hurt, more than life, I wanted to take a time out and just cry.

“It takes you just one big fall to realize that you’re human, there is no friend that will be there to catch you when you fall, there is only the ground.”

Hold my beer, I got this.... CUUH

Hold my beer, I got this…. CUUH

This summer I got a helmet and a shitload of protection gear which boosted my confidence again. It takes quite some time to built up the courage again after you’ve hit the pavement hard. Me and my good friend Tommy rolled up on a big ass hill one evening and I decided that I wanted to go down this hill. Once up, I gazed out in the open and felt a bit of a slight regret, but I could see Tommy giving me the “don’t bitch out” -look. So, taking my fear aside I rolled down the hill when I suddenly got flashback from the incident before, I choked, but felt a bit safer with my protection gear on. I realized soon that there is no chance of me foot breaking so I bailed and fell on my hands, elbow, ass and RIGHT shoulder. But not on my knee pads and head, where I had fucking protection. Didn’t hurt at all at the point of impact, so I thought I was good.

“However, the pain didn’t hit me until the very next morning, and that feeling was something that I recognized from last year fall. Seems like my RIGHT shoulder is fucked now.”

This is me not falling.

I have no idea what I’m doing. *FACEPLANT*

So, I had two choices, either wait another year an let it heal like my left shoulder did OR speed the healing up with some rehab and hope it holds out. Since I’m writing this blog, I’ve kinda already answered the question. I’ll write more on this on the next post.

Stay eat hard, work hard, sleep…. hard?



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