Day 29: The Off topics [My friend, the non believer]


I was chatting with a work colleague of mine and she told me that a mutual friend  of ours had a similar fitness blog as mine. I checked it out and damn, she’s lost a lot since the last time we met (20 kg to be exact, shieeeet).  My colleague told me told me “I wish that I had her self control”. I don’t really know how to react when I get that answer, stop wishing, make it happened. Sometimes I just want to put my hand on their head and shout “DO IT, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, MOTHER FUCKER”.

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.”

I’m guessing a few of readers out there including my friend, is having a hard time to get things moving, so here are a some advice that I have:

Don’t be afraid to aim high

Set up a big goal , don’t be afraid to aim high.  Plan how to reach that goal (talk to friends, read articles, use social media for encouragement) and set a time limit for this. I put a 100 days as a time limit, does this mean I’ll quit after it? Don’t know, but it feels easier in a sense to know that there is an “ending”.

Baby steps

Start small, add, change or remove something that you think will have a greater impact in the long hall. Taking the steps instead of the elevator, skipping that morning cheeseburger, restrict eating food after 9 PM, well you get the point. Aim for Small change, big results.

Focus on what you feel is important right now

I know that people are working full time jobs. I know how stressful it is to be a student. And I know how much time relationships take. It’s up to you to MAKE time for what you feel is important. If you don’t have time for the gym, by all means, focus on what you believe is important for you right now.

When will you ever have time?

You truly have to ask yourself, If you can’t fit your gym time in your schedule now, when will you able to do this??  There is always the typical answer: “After this exam, after this deadline, during my vacation” and so on. Don’t wait until you’re old and saggy, because the only heavy-lifting you’ll be doing is carrying your stretched-out titties and grown-up diapers. And trust me students, if you can’t fit your workout schedule now, it will get harder when you start working full time, so prepare to die fat, weak,ugly or all of them combined. Stop making excuses and get that fat burning.

Accept the facts

Accept that getting in shape takes time, the faster you accept your limitations and the time it can take to get were you want to be, the easier this journey will become. If you can’t accept eating carbs is good for you, go drink your protein shake and choke on it, please.

I'm on top of the world, don't ever be afraid to aim big!

I’m on top of the world, don’t ever be afraid to aim big!

Last part of the diet plan will be up this weekend, stay tuned.



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