Day 26: The candy diet, does it exist? [The Diet Part II]


It seems like I never learn, I make the same fucking mistake everytime. I tell myself ,no more candy, no junk food, no carbs. Setting the bar to high ends up me getting the cravings after about a week. I pig out, go nuts, and afterwards I tell myself, this is the last time, NEXT WEEK, I’M GONNA GO HARDER. What happens? Same shit, you sit there with your bag(s) of chips and candy, pity eating because deep down you know you failed yet again… So finally after a few years I realized that, either I’m completely weak, don’t have any self control or I’m just stuck in old habits that used to work before.

During those late nights of eating candy in front of the computer, I ended up reading a fitness article about clean food (organic, high nutritional composition, whole grain etc)  vs dirty food (fast foods, fabricated, highly processed food etc). Anyways, there was one specific sentence that caught my attention which was:

“Food is neither clean nor unclean, but merely energy my body needs to function and survive”

Energy is measured in calories (kcal) which I’m sure everybody has heard of. For your body to function properly you need energy, obviously. So these words got me thinking, is it possible to built your diet consisting only of ice cream, candy and pizza? I got all excited of the epic idea that it might be possible, but then it struck me that if it were so, fat people wouldn’t exist right? So I got sad, ate another bag of chips and went to bed.

No more sweet sweet pizza for me? Remember, Chris doesn't share food...

No more sweet sweet pizza for me? Remember, Chris doesn’t share food…

This idea eventually grew on me and from reading articles to asking experienced gym rats, my conclusion is; it’s all about the nutritional ratio. You are aware of the different “building blocks” that the body needs right? For simplicity sake I divided them into four groups; Carbohydrate, fat, protein and vitamins/minerals. Alright, so obviously I need to eat these to get my energy, but how much? There’s actually an equation that calculates your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE), which takes account of your height, weight, age, workout activity and gender (body fat  and waist are additional inputs, but not necessary).

Your total daily energy consumption is FUCK YOU, you dumb fuck.

Your total daily energy expenditure is FUCK YOU, you dumb fuck.

If you don’t have time to calculate the equation above, check out your calorie intake at this website: So I followed the instructions and the results can be seen below.

My TDEE shows that I need to consume 2504 calories, how much is that in candy?

My TDEE shows that I need to consume 2504 calories, how much is that in candy?

So know that we know how much energy needed per day, the next step is to convert these into carbs, protein, fat and mineral/vitamins. Let’s say for now that we eat healthy and the amount of mineral and vitamins are divided into the three remaining groups. Here are my Macros (food ratios):

What I need to eat everyday on a 9 day cycle. Pretty fancy, huh?

What I need to eat everyday on a 9 day cycle. Pretty fancy, huh?

As seen above my macros are divided into two different meal types, rest days and workout days. Here a few additional info:

  • Work days = High Protein, High Carbs, Low Fat / Rest days = High Protein, Low Carbs, High Fat
  • 20 % over my TDEE during W.D and -15 % under my TDEE.
  • The Macro is over a 9 day cycle.

I know that this might not be the most entertaining post I’ve done, BUT I find this really important since the diet is 70 % of my plan. But don’t worry, we are almost done.

“Remember that these numbers are custom made for ME, so don’t try to copy this program or you’ll get fat or probably choke on the amount of chicken you have to eat to get to those protein numbers.”

Alright, so now that we know the energy I need to consume AND calculated to the amount of carbs, protein and fat I need to eat, how much is this in food quantity? Since this post got so long, I’ll post what I eat in “Part III” this week. So how about that candy diet? I’ll talk about that as well, don’t worry. 

Time to sleep.

Stay slim.



4 thoughts on “Day 26: The candy diet, does it exist? [The Diet Part II]

  1. I understand the situation, but could it be possible to follow the diet 6 days of the week and one only to eat what you want? This way you could rest one day of the diet and then carry on it and do it with more enthusiasm! And also, some days of the diet you could afford a little amount of candy or ice cream!

    • FUCK, I wrote this awesome long post for you but my computer needed to update it’s shitty Operative system. Anyways, it is completely fine to do this as long as you don’t overeat, just keep your calorie intake monitored so you don’t go bananas and eat 40000 million calories on your cheat days. What I do is that I usually eat a cheat meal during one of my workout days. Since I need to eat about 400g carbs and 60 g fat, what I do instead is eat 200g “good carbs”, 20 g “good fat” and then I eat a treat with “bad carbs and fat” that corresponds to the total amount. Get it? Anyways, chose what works best for you.

      Here is a link to Martin B more on this topic:

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