Day 25: To eat or not to eat [The Diet Part I]


Ever seen those ridiculous commercials on TV-shop, The EZ crunch, The Ab-rocker, Ab-steamer, Ab-glider, Ab-slider, Ab-Raper etc. What they purposely always leave out is the fact that you have to start a diet as well. Read the following quote above, process it. If you don’t believe it then stop reading now because the following section is just a waste of your time.

If you are an average Joe/Joey wanting to get in shape, don’t start by going to the gym, start with changing your eating habits, you have a bigger ground to win here. If you want to become number one in thaiboxing make that your goal, but don’t expect to get ripped and a 6 pack from it. When it comes down to numbers, I believe that losing weight, changing, body composition or just getting those tight abs, you gotta put about 30 % on your workout and the remaining 70 % is the diet. So if had to choose to prioritize one of the other, which to pick? Diet of course, less work to achieve major results (it’s not rocket science).

I know what you're thinking, "DAMN, He's even focused when he it's, what a guy!"

I know what you’re thinking, “DAMN, he’s focused even when he eats , what a guy!”

he’s focused even when he eats

So what’s my plan? Two words, intermittent fasting (in Swedish, Periodisk fasta). I know people have split views when it comes to intermittent fasting (IF), I am not here to preach about how awesome it is, I’m just here to tell you my diet plan. So, by that being said, what is IF? It’s a simple concept where you alternate between a feeding state and a non-feeding state. You’ve probably heard about the “5:2 fasting”, “warrior fasting” or “Leangains fasting”. I chose to the Leangains diet, where you have a daily fast about 16 hour fasting state and a 8 hour feeding window, plain and simple.

“Breakfast literally means breaking your fast, when I realized this, it was mind blowing”

Meal frequency during the feeding state is not important. However, most people, including myself, prefer three meals. So yeah I won’t eat 6 times a day to “boost up my metabolism”. Keep it simple people!  So for instance at 9 PM Sunday evening to 1 PM Monday noon, I am not allowed to eat anything, Yes people I skip my breakfast and even Friday Fika. The reason why this is done is to let the body use more of its fat reserves as energy during the fasted state, in other words, to lose body fat. When you eat your breakfast you “break” this process and use up the consumed food instead as energy. Here is a example how my day looks like after my 16 hour:

11.30-12 AM or 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA (amino acids)
12-1 PM: Training
1 PM: Post-workout meal (largest meal of the day).
4 PM: Second meal.
9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

“My friend: So no more carbs, no more candy, no more alcohol for you in the coming 100 days? My response: Shut up, you have no neck, kill yourself”

In with the food lets do this! Can you spot the "forbidden fruit"?

In with the food lets do this! Can you spot the “forbidden fruit”?

To be able to make a diet to a lifestyle you gotta make it simple, you don’t want to get anxiety attacks everytime you eat a forbidden fruit, again keep it simple.  So for me, can I eat candy? Yes. Can I drink alcohol, yes. Can I eat carbs? I need carbs, don’t be stupid. How much and when is the question, and for you people not eating breakfast, Leangains or I.F is not only skipping the breakfast, it’s a bit more than that! I’ll come to that next in my next post.

For more information on Leangains and I.F check up Martin B’s website (founder of Leangains) at

Have a nice Sunday

Stay slim



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