Day 12: Do you really want to challenge ME?


The challenge I set up for me was to get in shape and I have 100 days to reach that goal. When I posted  my first entry, I wrote Let the 100 day challenge begin… Challenge me, if you dare…”. This was meant as an encouragement for other people to do the same. It seemed that some understood the meaning of what I wrote and some didn’t. I don’t know why this was so unclear, if you visit the blog, the description reads:

It’s simple. If it jiggles it’s fat. 100 day challenge to get in shape. Join me.

Well I know what you guys are thinking, round is also a shape (Need to get this clear, trust me there is always that person trying to be a wise ass), but that isn’t what I am aiming for. Get in shape can mean several things, better cardio, get out of the couch, lose weight, or in my case gain strength and lose fat. This is what I meant by “the challenge”, go get in shape, make up a game plan and set up your OWN goals. I wrote a list of people that would join me on this challenge and I don’t expect people to follow my training or diet program, do what you guys feel is best you (don’t worry  Jennifer L, no one is forcing you to do anything 🙂 ).

A person told me this once, I wasn't sure if she was serious or not.

A person told me this once, I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not.

Still, I like the idea that some readers wants to challenge ME. So, let’s make it simple then, if you get in better shape than me, I’ll buy you a romantic dinner (we can discuss where it will take place later).

These are the conditions though:

  • Take a before picture and save it so you can compare with your after shot (after the challenge).
  • Set up a goal and design a plan to reach that goal.
  • Document your progression, (reps, weight, time everything you feel is important).

To avoid more questions I answered a few of them in advance:

Q1) What is the challenge?
A1) Fuck you, I just explained it.

Q2) Who’s the judge?
A2) I am, trust me I will be honest, I will happily pay the dinner if I’ve seen how much change that person has gone through.

Q3) If I’m already in shape, what to do?
A3) Get in better shape, I’ll judge through the list above. It might be harder, but possible.

Q4) I live outside of Sweden/Stockholm, will my dinner still count?
A4) Yes, will eventually meet in the future, and we’ll take it then, the dinner expires 2035, so hurry up.

Q5) How are we gonna compare for instance, running vs going to the gym?
A5) We can enter the competition below (check the youtube clip) and see who wins.

So to summarize, If you lose don’t worry I won’t expect a dinner back, the agreement is, I will buy you dinner if YOU get in better shape than me .

But answer me this, what makes you think that you can achieve that? I won’t lose, will you?

Do you want me to pay for dinner? Well, make that ass work work and I just might do it.

Do you want me to pay for dinner? Well, make that ass work work and I just might do it.

Next post will be about my “before picture”, I’ll post it on Tuesday.

Have a nice weekend.



8 thoughts on “Day 12: Do you really want to challenge ME?

  1. Stefan is also up for challenge! Oh he just wanted me to correct that.. You’re going down biiitch! U gon lose you mexi-asian! Also he doesnt want a romantic dinner if (when) he wins, he wants you to grow a thick moustache if (when) he wins!!

    • Message to Stefan,

      1) That was mean calling me a mexi-asian bitch (A mitch?)
      2) I know I have the ability to win over you since I got a solid plan, however there are certain things which I know that is impossible in this world. And one of those things is to grow a THICK moustache. How about a caterpillar THIN mustache?

      Let the trash talk begin

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