Day 10: I wanna FEEL sexy, period.

So what do I want to achieve with this challenge, that’s easy to answer,  I want to FEEL awesome, mentally and physically , don’t we all want that? I mean if you feel good and your mind knows that you look good, isn’t that the feeling of confidence? Who wouldn’t want that? Don’t get me wrong, I like who I am, but I know that I can improve myself even more. So from this statement I ended up setting up these goals:

1) I want to get stronger in these exercises bench-press, squats, dead lift and weighted chins-ups.

Great way to see your progression through this challenge. I’ve been reading around fitness forums and drawn the conclusion:  “Gaining strength has correlation to muscle gain”, what does this mean? Strong guy = bigger muscles. Is this the most efficient way to gain muscles, don’t know. As mentioned, gaining strength is the main goal, adding muscles is just a bonus. I’ll write my current results and what I aim for in a later post (Thank you for pointing this out Christian F 😉 ).

2) The blog will be updated 3 times a week so you readers can follow my progression

If you think I’m doing this for you guys, Hell to the NO (but I am happy that you guys are supporting me). By checking in once in a while keeps me motivated. I think of you readers as the “girl with the tight ass” that walks by you when you are at the gym, you do at least 10 more reps to impress that ass (GUYS, you know what i’m talking about).

3) Do 20 strict chin-ups.

This is something that has been bugging me for ages, I can’t do chins-ups. It’s simple, if you can’t do chin-ups, you’re not a man, period. If I manage to do this, I’ll finally become a real man, (confidence off the chart).

4) I want to go  from 13.6 % body fat to 8 %.

When you go below 10 %  is when your muscles start to pop out (abs showing, ass looking ALL THAT, sexy and you know it). I’ve spoken to a few people with more experience and they think 8 % is possible, but I got this answer: “It’s possible, but its not gonna be easy”, awesome answer, bring it.

"I want to eat healthier to get more fit and get stronger and inspire people into doing the same". What I pretty much meant was, "I want to FEEL sexy" (note, I wrote feel, not LOOK, BIG difference).

“I want to FEEL sexy” note, I wrote feel, not LOOK, BIG difference. And I feel damn sexy in this picture, No joke.

I tend to set up lots of goals because for me, succeeding goals keeps me knowing that I’m developing, moving forward, doing progress . Unfortunately, this year I’ve become more of a talker rather than a do’er. This is since I like most people are set very vague or unreachable goals, and it doesn’t help that I’ve become a lazy fuck. However, this time around I feel very confident that these are great goals and I have a special plan to reach each and every one of them, which I will share with you guys in later posts.
Too much sexiness? Ah hell no.

Too much sexiness? Ah hell no, confidence off the charts.

“Write down your goals on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you can get reminded of it everyday”. Got this advice from my coach when I was 14 years old, best damn advice I’ve gotten. I suggest that the ones joining me in this challenge do the same, this can be your first task for the challenge.
New challengers that joined yesterday:
-Jonatan M-
-Ryan T.B-
-Patric H-

Next post (Sunday) I’ll be writing about the CHALLENGE (Oh shiet, it’s about to go down).Have a nice weekend.


3 thoughts on “Day 10: I wanna FEEL sexy, period.

  1. “Girl with the tight ass” , heeeell yeah i know what u mean! Mm-mm-mm! Love your goals, love the focus on the feeling/confidence rather than simply lifting a certain amount of weight and or just popping that and that muscle (“gaining strength is the main goal, adding muscles is just a bonus.”). Amen!

  2. A woman’s ass can boost your strength up to 1000 %, its depended on the curvature of the ass and the density as well.

    Goals are important, very important and I’m happy you liked them 🙂

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