Day 8: Create a game plan, execute, get the girls


I actually had a blog a few years ago together with my sister, a similar “fitness” blog if you wanna call it that. Our aim was to run the Stockholm half marathon and we were suppose to log our progression. But thinking back, the only thing we dig was posting pictures of food and I think my sister even put a party picture, pathetic. I remember that my “plan”  to run those 21097 m was to practice boxing, yeah you heard me, not running, boxing. Three weeks before the actual marathon, I tried my current form, I didn’t even manage 7 km, not even a fucking donut would motivate me to run longer (does work sometimes). It ended up with my sister getting sick the last week before the race and I had focus on something else, pitty eating of some sort if I remember. 
Pictures from the old blog, enjoying food. I'm giving my sister the "shouldn't we be training for the race" - face

Pictures from the old blog, enjoying food. I’m giving my sister the “shouldn’t we be training for the race” – face. She’s giving me the “mother fucking food is here, DO I LOOK LIKE I CARE”- face

So, what was the conclusion of that story? Never do a blog with my sister, we tend to eat more rather than running (KIDDING….not). All jokes aside, what I really meant to say is that you should never start something without a proper game plan. It’s easy to define what you want ( setting your goals), but people tend to have troubles executing how to reach those goals. Design a plan, execute it, get the body, get the bitches.
The original game plan, I love to write on my mirror, it functions as a giant "post-it" reminder.

The original game plan. Why don’t you right on paper you say? I love to write on my mirror, it functions as a giant “post-it” reminder, keeps me motivated.

So I’ve isolated the key topics (from the bigass game plan above) that I need to plan around  to succeed into executing this challenge correctly, here’s the shortened list:
  • The goals – What do I want to achieve?
  • Documenting the progress – Weekly selfie shots of my progression. Measurement of chest, arm, ass, thighs and waist. Fat control!
  • The diet – Ain’t no damn cheeseburger gonna get me that six pack.
  • The training form – Zumba fitness, yoga, strip pole or hitting the gym?
  • Examining “unhealed” injuries – I have a few old injuries (such as a bad shoulder, sprained ankles, oversized belly from all the eating) that I should check up.

To summarize, without  your game plan you are most likely to fail at whatever you want to achieve, in your training, work or personal life. Even if you start of small, like walking each day, set a goal (today i’m walking 20 minutes), or today I will kick a guys face 10 times during my Taekwando practice (Am I even close what they do in Taekwando? probably not). Start small, don’t start running if you can’t even walk.

So let’s do this, we’ll start with my favorite part in the planning stage, defining the goals. More on this in my next post (Friday).

Stay fit or die trying

Here’s the list of people that wrote on the comments joining me on this 100 day challenge:

-Cassey R-

-Joar L-

-Magnus K-

-Tova E-

-Danny A-

-Lillian G R-

-Norah S-

-Taiyou L-

-Tara M K-

-Christine R-

-Jennifer L-

-Joyce W-

Any other volunteers (don’t be bitch, go for the challenge)? Write in the comments, facebook or PM me.


7 thoughts on “Day 8: Create a game plan, execute, get the girls

  1. An idea is to create a fb group for everyone who has signed up. In that fb group all the signed could post the progress chart each sunday. For example:


    Bench: x kg
    Deadlift: x kg
    Pull ups: x times
    Squats: x kg
    Push ups: x times
    1 hour: x km
    (The most basic compound exercises)

    And so on.
    So that we all could cherish and encourage each other in times when we don’t have the motivation to do the shit.

    • Great idea man, I’ve thought about it, depends really on what people will choose as their training form. I just want to encourage people to join me, will see once I know what everybody is doing.


  2. Wuuhoo, look at you going! I’ve always thought you’re kick ass at plan making. So excited for the next update 🙂 “The training form – yoga or hitting the gym?” What about both? I’ve recently started with yoga again, love it! In my opinion, perfect combo. Not only do you get those small, deep stability muscles and work flexibility (sooooo needed when weight lifting!), THERE’S ALSO ALL THOSE HOT EYE CANDIES! I repeat, love it 😉

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